Greeting cards and why I chose Trevecca.

Life goes by fast.

A couple days ago, I was sitting in my bedroom at home, going through some old things. I’m sort of a sentimentalist so I save nearly everything. One of my favorite items I have saved over the years have been greeting cards. Birthday, confirmation, Valentine’s Day, high school graduation cards. As I re-read each one, I started to notice a trend in my most recent pile…”So excited for your future endeavors, Sydney!” “Hope these next four years are the best yet!” “We are so proud of you, Sydney! Have fun in Nashville!” It slowly starts to sink in that these cards were written to me four years ago, as I was about to embark on my Trevecca journey. Now, four years later, I am about to embark on yet another graduation- and yet another new journey.

Honestly, I can’t really give a definite answer as to why I ultimately chose to come to Trevecca at age 18. I mean, I knew Trevecca had a major that I wanted (Worship Arts) and that it was a nice Christian school in the heart of Music City USA. But I was never really like “Yes, totally. Trevecca is IT.” I¬†can see now that God had his hand over my college decision more than I ever really realized… Today, four years later, I whole-heartedly¬†choose Trevecca, knowing full well why. I choose Trevecca every day I wake up in my on-campus apartment because of the life I have experienced here.

Below, you will find a lovely video that Trevecca has recently released. It is a beautiful representation of everything I have found Trevecca to be. A loving and authentic community of students, faculty, and administration that live and work together to live a passionate life for Jesus Christ. Trevecca is a place of growth, of character, of leadership, of innovation, and of compassion (to name a few). At Trevecca, I have learned so many lessons of life, of love, and of the Kingdom of God- which really is the best part. I hope that you will join me and a looong history of other students before you in beginning your Trevecca experience today. Enjoy the video!

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