Why Trevecca is better than home…

This blog has a title that will probably break my momma’s heart, but sorry Mom! As much as I am loving being cozy and lazy at home, good ol’ TNU does have its perks. Here’s what I’ve come up with…

  • At Trevecca, there is FOOOOD all the time! Sure, we have a kitchen at home, but does my kitchen have 3 ready-made pizzas always sitting around, 10 different types of cereal, and warm cookies waiting for me? NO! The TNU Caf does, though.
  • At college, there is no one saying “Hey Shelbe, did you make your bed?” “Hey, Shelbe, will you get your clothes off the floor?” “Hey, Shelbe, load the dishwasher!”
  • I miss my friends!! It’s crazy how quickly relationships form when you’re away at school. My friends in Nashville are top-notch. I can’t seem to go three hours without checking up on them.
  • There’s no chance of me running into any cool famous people in little Clyde, Ohio. In Nashville, though, just go to Wal-Mart and you’re bound to run into someone whose face is on millions of CDs.
  • I forgot my laptop at school. Trying blogging from an iPhone. Yeah, you’d miss your dorm sweet dorm, too!
  • I’m an RA over the freshmen floor (maybe I mention that in ever post. Sue me.) and I miss my little freshmen babies!!! They are the coolest, always painting my nails and leaving me sweet notes. Being so far away from them has almost made me forget how often they lock themselves out of their rooms…

I guess this list is just proof of how blessed I am—blessed that I have two wonderful homes to call mine, two families to support me and love me and pray for me. I plan to soak up every minute of this Christmas vacation and love on my family more than ever, but when it’s time to head back to the Holy Hill, I’ll be okay with that too. As much as I question God’s plans for me and as much as I struggle to give the reigns completely to Him, I am comforted in this quiet time that I have been given to have a vacation—a break from the hustle and bustle of crazy college life. And, did I mention that I am headed to the BAHAMAS in a few days??? That helps too! :) Here are some snapshots of the shenanigans I have gotten into so far over this vacation…

My momma & I after the Santa Hustle Half Marathon through Cedar Point!

Ava & Ethan are clearly so excited to be reunited for a whole month!!


  1. Carrie Hopkins says:

    Since you are away from the streets filled with celebrity folk here in Nashville, I thought I would cheer you up with famous people you may run into in Ohio. The following were all born in Ohio and may be back for the holidays. Keep your eyes peeled Gibson!

    Halle Barry, Katie Holmes, George Clooney, Carmen Electra, Guy Fieri, Lebron James, & Sara Jessica Parker…..just to name a few.

    And not to brag, but I was in the same stadium as your main squeeze, Tim Tebow, last night:)

  2. Shelbe Gibson says:

    I just now saw this!! Ohioans don’t claim Lebron… He’s a traitor. We do claim George Clooney though :) Haha, see you in a few days!

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