Enjoy the NOW.

I’ve spent a good chunk of the past few months wishing I was somewhere else. I want to be in Nashville with my friends. I want to be in my old dorm with my roomie. Or, I just want to be snoozin’ because these midnight shifts at my new job are robbing me of precious sleep. I feel worn out. Stressed. Discontent. Anxious. It’s so easy for me to pick apart the negatives and dream up all of these “what ifs” or argue that “if life was like this…” I’d be satisfied.

Well, it’s funny sometimes how God decides to reveal himself to us. He’s really good at giving wake-up calls and I’m really good at pretending that I know what’s best for me… ((Note to self: that’s stupid, Shelbe.)) So, I’m busy feeling sorry for myself when BAM! A sweet five-year-old boy reminds me of why I’m here—of why it’s so important to be consumed, thankful, and in love with each moment.

I was at work playing with a little boy staying with us. After a while of playing, he said, “Thanks for always smiling at me and never yelling at me.” My heart melted. I told him that I love playing with him and he said “I hope you can play with me EVERYDAYYY!” as he started jumping up and down on his bed so carefree.

This little boy knows how evil and unfair the world can be, but I was able to help him be a kid again… if only for a few minutes. He was just having fun! He wasn’t consumed in his past or in what was going to happen to him tomorrow. He chose to be in that moment and I’m so thankful that I was there to live it with him. He wasn’t wishing or worrying.

Totally cliché, I know, but we only have here and now. I truly believe that we are in this moment for are a reason. God has a beautifully intricate and detailed plan for our lives. If we are listening to His will, then the place we are right now has significance. Make the most of it. Touch the lives around you with the Light of your Creator. Love. Smile. Be joyful.

I would love to be in Nashville, and I can’t wait to see my roommate (10 days!!!!!!)… But, that’s not where I am right now. Right now I have the opportunity to live life next to my little siblings. Am I being the best example for them? Am I listening to my little sister’s 4th grade drama and giving her the big sis advice that she’s hoping for? Or is she getting brushed off for a “more important” Words with Friends notification? I’ve been blessed with more than I deserve in every aspect of my life—so why don’t I wake up every morning and jump for joy on my bed like my little friend was?

Give this moment all you’ve got. I guess that’s my challenge to you… and to me, as well. In 6 months, I will move into my own apartment. And, in a few years, God-willing, I’ll be in Nashville! So, why wish time away? Enjoy the now. Touch the lives around you. Love your neighbors like you love yourself.

Sooo- maybe I’m done with college and have semi-entered the “real world,” but this week I learned that you’re never too old to be taught. And, God is pretty creative with the teachers he uses. This week, I learned a priceless lesson from a priceless five-year old. Thank God for that boy and thank God for this moment.

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