A Year in Review- FINAL BLOG!!

As my second year at Trevecca comes to a close, I’m hit with a million emotions. Of course I’m beyond excited to go home, and not at all upset that I won’t have to study for FOUR whole months, but I am a little sad to say goodbye to this place that I love so much. I won’t have 500 bottles of nail polish in a 100 feet radius of my room; I won’t be able to con my roommate into skipping her nap to curl my hair; and, it will be so hard to get all dolled up without having 30 closets to choose from! Oooh, I love Johnson Hall.

At Trevecca, so many of us are far away from the families that we love so much, but the community here is more than enough to fill that void. I have a boss at work who organized a “going away lunch” for me—she does more for her student workers than make sure we are getting enough hours. She makes sure I am getting enough sleep and listens to my frustrations and goals. What a rare, but beautiful blessing!! And, the even cooler thing is, that that is just one example of the huge family that is Trevecca Nazarene University.

You’ll hear it a thousand times, but Trevecca is more than a school. It’s not just about a degree. It’s about growing and evolving into who God intended you to be. It’s about finding your niche in His Kingdom, and in that journey, we have all found lifelong friends who can never be replaced.

This year I experienced life as an RA. I was blessed with a floor of about 30 freshmen girls who I watched blossom from timid newcomers, to confident college students. Countless late night conversations and impromptu dinner dates with my pretty 3rd floor ladies took place, and I’m so thankful that they did.


Friendships from my freshmen year continued. Taylor and I went to concert, after concert, after concert… Luke Bryan, Hunter Hayes, and Adam Levine allllll in one night!!! We painted the Nashville skyline at “Sips n’ Strokes” and even went a Broadway musical.



My best friends from home visited and I got to show off my city to them. I took them to a Rascal Flatts/Eli Young Band concert, shopping at Opry Mills Mall, and we took plenty of pretty pictures by the Nashville skyline. Then, a few weeks later my boyfriend Ethan got to visit me too!



Heather, Amberlin, and I competed in a Warrior Dash—a 5k race through muddy obstacles. Super fun! We celebrated happy days together and cried together during the sad ones. Through losses and victories, I know my Trevecca family loves me unconditionally. These girls know me inside and out and choose to love me anyway.


This is a time of major reflection for me. What have I learned this year? Did I grow, change, mature? Am I a better picture of Christ’s will for my life today than I was 9 months ago when this journey began?

I can confidently say that YES. I have grown and matured. I was challenged and spread thin, but I have a deeper love for and greater understanding of my God today than I did back in August. This is because of the beautiful mentors in my life, the selfless friendships I have been given, and the guidance of the One who made it all. Time will never slow down like we all sometimes wish it would and because of that, every moment must be cherished and used for good. Conversations need to be meaningful and sincere; Love and forgiveness should be shown always.

The school year can get stressful, but summer time is HERE! Like one of my favorite professors always says, “We are human beings, not human doings!” So, I hope that you all get some time this summer to just BE. Stop the glorification of “busy,” and just rest in the Glory and promise of Him.

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    Loveit! Makes miss college so much!!!!

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