5 things I miss most about TNU

I’ve officially been away from Trevecca for a month. My final online class and new job are in full-swing, but something’s missing…NASHVILLE! I am really enjoying all of this family time, home-cooked meals, and sleeping in my own bed, but nothing can replace the community and friendship that I found at Trevecca. Instead of wallowing in my loneliness, I figured I should at least be productive and blog about it. So, here are the top 5 things that I miss most about my home on the hill.

5. Baja Burrito: So, this one doesn’t really need an explanation. Nothing close to home compares to the perfection that is Baja.

4. On campus, EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS RIGHT THERE! There’s no driving or running around to get what you need. On campus you have your food, your room, your friends, your classes, and even my work office. It was all right there! I feel like I’ve driven more and spent more money on gas in the past month than I have in the last 3 years.

3. The Caf: Okay, so before you think I’ve gone crazy, let me explain. I don’t exactly miss the Caf food, but I do miss bumping into my friends and classmates at all hours of the day there. Whether it was a one-on-one conversation with my best friend in a booth, or a huge “family” dinner with 15 of my friends at a big round table, so many laughs were shared in the good ol’ Caf (and maybe too many cookies).



2. The Full Schedule: All college students complain about being busy. It’s hard to balance classes, studying, working, extracurricular, and Netflix-time. I was looking forward to getting to slow down after I moved home, but the transition hasn’t been as fun as I thought. I am so bored! Instead of being booked from 8am – 11pm, I work for 8 hours, thennnnn what? So. Much. Freeeee. Time. I’m doing my best to take advantage of the rest, but sometimes I think I’d rather be writing a research paper with my roomie than watching my 12th episode of Pretty Little Liars. Oh, the struggle.

1. My Trevecca Family!! Okay, DUH! Of course what I miss most is the people. My roommate, best friends, co-workers, professors, and classmates. I made so many irreplaceable friendships in Nashville. Thank goodness for Skype and cell phones, but the distance STINKS. My first trip post-graduation is in the works; it can’t come soon enough. Trevecca is more than a school; it is home. And today, I am home sick!


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