Interested in Creative Writing?

Yeah, me too.

And, honestly, Trevecca’s creative writing program is pretty amazing. I’m a senior now in my last semester who’s a creative writing minor, so I’m in my fifth creative writing class. I’ll tell you, I have NOT been disappointed. The class is set up to be very interactive. Prof. Graham Hillard, head of the creative writing classes, really values everyone’s opinions and wants their opinions about whoever’s writing we’re looking at. It’s a great community of writers, and as you take the classes, you begin to bond with your classmates in a way that might not be possible in other classes because this one is just so darn interactive and also because you’re reading each other’s art, which can leave you vulnerable at times, but let me tell you, there’s not a greater experience. You’ll grow more as a writer taking one class with Prof. Hillard than you ever have before. Just Google his name. He’s done a lot.

There’s something for everyone. So if you’re interested in nonfiction or fiction or poetry, you can get your fix. Seriously, if you’re a current student at Trevecca or just someone thinking about coming here, don’t miss your opportunity to take one of these classes. If nothing else, it’ll be one of the most fun classes you’ll ever take. A great experience for sure.

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