72 Hour Film Festival FUN

This week was Trevecca’s annual 72 Hour Film Festival, and I really wasn’t feeling up to making a movie again after doing it 2 years in a row, which required staying up all night long editing. Well, I take that back. The first year I was part of a team that made a movie, and I didn’t stay up all night. But the next year I did since our movie got more complicated, and I had more editing responsibilities than the year before. ALL OF THAT TO SAY, I eventually gave in this year, and my team made another movie. It’s not posted online yet, but I’ll post it on here when it is.

Editing our movie this year took forever. It was crazy, but it was really fun because we basically stripped all the audio out of the footage and then added better quality or funnier sounds into the video. It was exciting going through all of the actions and deciding which sound to put where. Definitely a time-consuming endeavor, but worth it nonetheless.

We got our movie genre at 10:30 PM Friday night, so my team and I got together and came up with the basic idea we wanted to do until like 1 AM. The days following were filled with trying to execute our idea, which involved contacting people to be extras, contacting professors to play parts, reshooting things that were forgotten in the rush to film, reshooting scenes that we realized weren’t funny after we started editing them, and trying to edit every little scene perfectly for 15 to 17 hours. But THANKFULLY, I didn’t have to pull an all-nighter this time. I just had to stay up until 2 AM for three nights in a row. (Don’t worry, I caught up on sleep already.)

The Film Festival is really exciting because the movie’s are shown at an actual movie theater in front of a packed out crowd. It’s pretty nerve racking though watching a room full of people critiquing a movie you made that you know has flaws and that you know, if you had more time, could be a whole lot better. But all the nerves end up being worth it when a joke you made in a video makes the theatre laugh. There’s no better feeling.

My favorite part of the festival though is seeing everyone work together on a task that seems impossible. It’s cool to see a ton of people running around with cameras and stuff all laughing and having fun. I wanted to make sure and have fun this year too because it’s easy to get rapped up in the stress of filming and the instinct to win the festival. I had to keep telling myself this year that the important part is to enjoy it and do my best, and in the grand scheme of things, winning doesn’t matter. It’s just a plastic trophy after all. Even though it’s cool to win, I just wanted to enjoy seeing the creativity of the other groups, and I wanted to feed off of their creativity. They were all so funny this year; I loved it.

Overall, I had a great time at the movie theater watching all the films with my friends. The 72 Hour Film Festival is definitely my favorite event on campus. BY FAR. Too bad this is my last semester…

Here’s some links to the past movies we entered into the previous film festivals. Hope you enjoy!

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