Adventures in Nashville | part 5

Sometimes you just need a change of scenery when you’re trying to be productive with studying. Emily and I were feeling that way, so we went to Frothy Monkey on 12th Ave South to get out of our apartment and to try to get some work done. She had been several times, but this was my first.

My picture of it isn’t very good, but there is a spiral staircase in the coffee shop! They got cool points for that in my book. The menu was prettier than Portland Brew’s, for what that’s worth, and they had a slightly better selection of drinks. I think they were pricier though. I got a chai, which tends to be cheaper than specialty coffee drinks at most places, but I still paid $4 for a 12 oz. (which is the middle size). It wasn’t the best chai I’ve ever had, but they make it from scratch themselves, so it must have been the spice combination. It was still good! Emily got a hazelnut latte and said it was good as well.

He spelled my name right! Because I spelled it for him.. And Emily’s drink is pretty too.

They also get more cool points for having gluten-free cookies. Emily gave me a little bit. It was like a snickerdoodle with a little hint of coconut. Loved it.

I liked the atmosphere here a lot. It was cheery and the staff members seemed like they were having fun the whole time. It was busy, but I wasn’t too distracted actually. I get distracted by any kind of noise VERY easily, which is why I don’t study off-campus much at all.

This isn’t really relevant to anything, but on the way out, I noticed they had lambs’ ears planted in the front. I LOVE this plant. It’s soft and fuzzy, like a lamb’s ear! You think I’m dumb right now, that’s ok. I’m a gardener, so I notice things like this.

And I saw this building next door. The photo doesn’t really capture the brilliant blue/purple paint color. I thought it was gorgeous, so I took a picture. There you have it.

Frothy Monkey is a win! I’d like to go back and try their coffee too at some point. Check that one off the list. I’m not sure which Nashville spot we’re going to visit next..

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