Trevecca Throwback Thursday – Moore Maniacs


Who are these guys, you ask?  Moore Maniacs from several years ago!  A “Moore Maniac” is what a Trevecca student is called attending a TNU basketball game, and the student section as a whole is called, since our gym is called Moore Gym.  At Trevecca, we don’t have football, so we LOVE basketball.  During the week and on Saturdays, you will see a lot of our student body wearing purple and painted up for both of the games.  It’s a great way to build community and hang out with your friends, all while supporting our friends/classmates and our school as a whole.  I’m not a big fan of basketball, honestly.  It’s too back and forth for me.  I’m a football/baseball kinda girl, but I love the energy and nail-biting aspect of college basketball for sure.

Here are some pictures of more current Moore Maniacs, and basketball games that we are in the midst of right now!1470030_10151705754647411_1496865653_n

(Pretty sure no one in this picture is as excited as Kyle, but look how high in the air he is!)


In this picture, everyone is jingling their keys at the opposing team.  We do this at the end of a game if we are winning big, telling them to go home :)  (In a Christlike way, of course!)


My favorite part, BY FAR, is getting to sing the alma mater with everyone at the end of the game, standing in a big circle and holding hands.  I am telling you, I have never felt more part of a community than in those moments, and I will miss moments like these more than I can say.


Fellow TreveccaLive blogger Shelbe and I love our Trevecca wear!

If you aren’t too busy on a Saturday coming up, come out to a game!  You can find both schedules at

And don’t forget to wear your purple!


(These pictures courtesy of Trevecca Trojans Facebook, and mine!)

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