Entering college, I didn’t have a solid idea as to what I hoped to go into in life, but I knew I wanted to do something communications-related. At first, radio speaking seemed really intriguing to me. This led me to a journalism class, which made me realize my passion for reporting. All that being said, I really enjoy being a Communications major. Many of the professors in the department have worked in the career field they teach, so they are able to give us insight from real-life experiences.

The Department of Communication Studies has seven concentrations. Here is a brief overview of each:

Dramatic Arts: This concentration has degrees for two different areas of study at Trevecca – dramatic arts and theatre education. Students take a variety of classes focused on acting, directing, teaching, movement, etc. When they participate in productions the school puts on, students get academic credit hours for them. I have been a part of one of our school’s productions, and it was incredible. Time consuming as it may be, it all pays off on performance nights.

Interpersonal Communication: In this concentration, students learn about a variety of things related to the act of communicating. They will go into depth learning about why people communicate the way they do, as well as some of the psychological aspects of communicating. It is a study of how people relate to others.

Journalism: Though small, this department truly is amazing. The professor, Jo Ellen Werking Weedman, has a long history of working for different newspaper circuits and offers insight from her experience as a reporter. Students have the opportunity to write for the student-run newspaper, TrevEchoes. Reporting classes allow students to get their feet wet in the world of information-gathering. This concentration is actually currently undergoing some changes to adapt to the ever-changing world of news distribution. From some of the things I’ve heard about it, the change will really offer students some cool opportunities. I’ll go more into depth about this concentration down the road.

Mass Media: This concentration offers classes about film-making, editing, photography, audio, etc. Students will learn a variety of media communication techniques from professors with a long history of professional experience.

Organizational Communication: This concentration is for students who would like to apply their communication skills to other career fields. Good communication skills are a great asset for people seeking employment, and employers will notice. This concentration will help students improve their overall communication skills.

Speech Education: Remember taking speech class in high school? For me, it was one of my favorite classes to take. This concentration is for students that would like to teach speech communication, whether it be in voice therapy, classroom teaching, etc. In addition to learning the content you will need to teach, you also take education classes to learn how to teach this content.

Theatre Education: Like dramatic arts, you will have involvement in productions put on by the school. In this concentration, you will learn nearly all the same techniques the dramatic arts majors will learn, but you will also learn how to teach it. As with speech education, you will take some education classes to learn how to teach these theatre skills.

I will be diving a bit deeper into some of these majors in the next few weeks, so check back if any of these concentrations sound appealing to you.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful week!





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