Why do I love Trevecca?

Because we are a family here. We lift each other up when we are down. We offer a shoulder to cry on when need be. We gather together to worship an amazing God who is doing incredible things in our lives and in the lives of the people around us. We throw paint at each other for fun. We dress up in tacky 90’s clothes from the thrift shop and go ice skating together. We have movie nights together. We go on late night Waffle House runs. We have our own version of Saturday Night Live that might just be funnier than the actual show. We have amazing musicians who you can hear practicing as their music pours out of the Wakefield Fine Arts building. We have incredible athletes. We have prayer groups. We can get some coffee from a sweet coffee shop in the mornings to help us survive the day. We see friends often because we have a small campus. We are a small school, but that is what keeps us all so close.

We are a community. We are Trevecca.


  1. Sarah says:

    I’m a high school senior hoping to start at Trevecca this fall. I love reading all of these blogs and getting to see the school from the students’ point of view! Do you have any advice about Trevecca or graduating high school in general? Thanks! :)

    1. Christy Ulmet
      Christy Ulmet says:

      I’ll make a post about that! Thanks for replying to my post! Keep reading our blog! We love knowing people are interested in Trevecca and what’s going on here!

  2. Kevin Ulmet says:

    This was similar to the Trevecca experience I had starting 37 years ago! It warms my heart to hear today’s students having similar experiences to what we had.

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