Trevecca Professors Have Your Back!!!!

I walk into Dr. Burch’s (Business Professor that teaches classes such as Leadership of the 21st Century and Quality Management) office to talk about life and Grad School. We talk about various things such as how you are renewed  when you spend time with God and how most heart attacks happen on Monday morning because people live for the weekend and don’t want to face the world on Mondays (Be glad that random conversation topics happen like this!!!). We then get to talking about the future. He then does something that I love about professors at Trevecca. He displays how professors at Trevecca are loving and caring about their students. He tells me how teaching is a calling and that most professors are there because its their calling. He recalled how I have grown over the years and how God tells the professors to be there for their students. He began to speak life into my future and my potential. He literally said that I have what it takes to get a job and to keep it. He said don’t let the fear of the unknown hold you back. He said that when I tell them about interviews that the professors will be praying for me. That is something very valuable in my life and in the lives of students around Trevecca’s campus. They care about you! They are concerned about your spiritual life. They are concerned about your future. They are concerned about what you learn. To have professors to speak life into you is a blessing!!!

I also encountered this with Jeff Frame (theatre professor at Trevecca) ! I had my last advising session with him this week :( . It was emotional. I can tell you that things would not be the same if it wasn’t for people like him being in my corner. He taught me valuable acting techniques, gave me opportunities to grow as an actor, was there to share meals with me at cast parties and caf meals, and continued to be a lovable guy! He gave me advice about grad school and the future. He said to me that you gotta keep pushing! In other words, don’t give up getting out in the real world and getting a job. He said don’t give up on going to grad school if you decide to do that.

Long story short, to all of you reading this blog, get to know your teachers/professors. They care about you. Listen to them. They will listen to you if you work trying to get time with them. They pray for you. They look out for you! Trevecca Professors Have Your Back!!!


  1. Tom Hannagan says:

    I really enjoy following your blog. It reminds me of my days at college when the whole world was in front of me! Pretty cool!

  2. Jasper says:

    Just makes me want to go here MORE and MORE. :D

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