Post Traumatic Finals Disorder [PTFD]

It’s a real thing, folks. I can testify.


Obviously I am overjoyed…no, that’s an understatement…obviously I am IN A STATE OF EUPHORIA due to the fact that fall semester 2012 is over and done with. It is a glorious moment every time I remember that I can sleep in the next morning or that I don’t have something due or that I don’t have to worry about clean room checks, etc.




Everything is not necessarily fine and dandy – lemme tell ya. I believe I am suffering from a condition soon-to-be-known-as Post Traumatic Finals Disorder. My brain seems to not only have imploded on itself (as I can no longer employ such devices as logic, and rationale, and critical thinking), but furthermore, it seems to have developed something I call deadline hallucinations. I’ll just be sitting there on the couch or at a friend’s house and suddenly I’m thinking, “WHAT’S DUE SOMETHING’S DUE WHAT IS IT WHERE ARE MY BOOKS I HAVE TO STUDY CAN I BORROW YOUR STUDY GUIDE?!”  Then, once this intense moment of panic ceases, I’m left unaware of my surroundings and a little unsure of the meaning of life.


If you or someone you know seems to be suffering from PTFD, there is no cure, except maybe extreme practice of doing whatever the heck you want with your time. Please know that there is hope and that you’re not alone.

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