Fall, my friends. Fall.

I’ve determined that Nashville is probably one of the best cities you could be in for fall time (except I think NYC would be perfect in the fall, but it’s not fair to compare anything to New York).  Being at Trevecca means you get to eat up every bit of that fallness that Nashville has to offer.  There’s just something festive in the air and we all know it.  Clear skies, chilly nights, good coffee, sweaters, and finding those perfect songs that just sound like fall = my favorites.

My friends and I went and got pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks yesterday…in honor of the season.  It was nice to get away for just a bit and just enjoy the moment.  Sometimes you have to say “no” to the million things that may very well be more “important” at the time…for the sake of a little peace of mind.


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