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Taylor Foster

Taylor Foster says:

One Week.

One week from today, my entire college career will be over.

It’s SURREAL, believe me.  And entirely bittersweet.  It’s great to think about the future:  future jobs, my Master’s program,  my therapy career, having a family one day, etc.  I know that God has so much in store, and I am excited to encounter all of it.

HOWEVER, something is still in the back of my mind, and has been for this entire senior year, if not before that.  It’s a little question that is “what if?”  What if I don’t find a job?  What if I’m not good enough?  What if my GPA isn’t high enough?  What if I never get married?  What if I don’t like the place I work?  What if I don’t get into grad school?  What if my Master’s is too expensive?  What if I can’t find a good place to live?

These questions go on and on.  I am naturally an extremely anxious person, and when the topic of graduation is brought up, it only increases my anxiety.  I will miss this place every single day of my life.  I don’t know what I will be doing a week from now, a month from now, or a year from now.  But I do know that every single day, I will be thankful for Trevecca.  For the wonderful education I received, from intelligent professors that care about me not only as a student, but as an individual and as a believer.  I will miss the friends that I have made deep relationships with, and the love, care, and nurturing that I have received from them.  I know that these are friendships that will last a lifetime, regardless of where we are in life and what we are doing.  I am so so grateful for this place called Trevecca.  I may be scared to death about my future, but I know who holds it.  And I know I am a better Christian, student, and individual because of my years spent here on this Holy Hill.

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Justin Schoolcraft

Justin Schoolcraft says:

The Judas In All Of Us



“While He was still speaking, Judas, one of the Twelve, suddenly arrived. A large mob, with swords and clubs, was with him from the chief priests and elders of the people. His betrayer had given them a sign: “The One I kiss, He’s the One; arrest Him!”  So he went right up to Jesus and said, “Greetings, Rabbi!” and kissed Him.” (Matt 26:47-49)

We’re really good at pointing fingers at people. It seems like every time a wrong is done, someone has to be blamed. I’m sure you can think of countless examples of this. It is a staple of human nature. We desperately want to be right, to be vindicated, and to uphold a picture perfect image of ourselves we want others to have. We just hate being wrong, because if we’re wrong, then others will think less of us, and we have not proven our goodness to them and ourselves.


There are two characters I can think of that we, the Christian community, often assign all blame to for every sin in the history of humanity. The first one is Eve, and the second one is Judas. In this season of Easter, I would like to reflect on the character of Judas a bit.


Judas, the betrayer of Jesus, has been labeled as the biggest traitor to have ever lived. He was one of the 12 original disciples of Christ. He was there with Jesus. Imagine that for a second – what if you had been there. What if you saw the miracles? What if you saw the literal face of God? It is hard for us to fathom. Because of this, we can easily point a finger at Judas. How could he have betrayed Jesus? He saw the miracles! He knew who He really was! How can you betray the Son of God to be crucified? Then on top of that, he KISSED Him! What a vile, back-stabbing to do – betray Him and then kiss Him, pretending like He loved Him.


The betrayal of Judas has reached archetypal proportions. When people are betrayed or stabbed in the back, it is oftentimes referred to as a “kiss of Judas.” Judas was not just a betrayer. He is the betrayer. He is the one that was single-handedly responsible for the death of our Savior. All of it was Judas, and that is the only thing all of human history has remembered him by – the one who betrayed Jesus, the back-stabbing kiss, the one who is to blame….


But I can think of another person who has betrayed Jesus, then kissed Him on the cheek and said “I love You.” And his name is me. Make no mistake, I have betrayed Jesus just as much as Judas. I have sinned, and seem to find myself sinning over and over. And then I go to church, worship Christ, pray to Him, and tell Him I love Him. Don’t get me wrong, these are all great things. But I had just as big a hand in putting Christ on a tree to be killed as Judas. I’m responsible for Christ’s death. And I can’t quite bring myself to point a finger and Judas and say, “Look what you did!” Because if I point a finger at Judas, I have to point a finger at myself.


So why is Easter a time to celebrate? If I betrayed Him, if you betrayed Him, if Judas betrayed Him, why do we celebrate?


“But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” (Romans 5:8)


I celebrate because God loves me, and God loves you so crazily that Jesus gave His life up for us in spite of our betrayal, and He wanted to. Despite of the Judas in all of us, He died for us. And He didn’t just die for us, he rose for us. He forgave us for our betrayal, and He invited us to a life of loving relationship with Him so amazing we can’t even imagine what is in store. And He continues to do the same. This is a love like we’ve never seen. This is why we celebrate.


Take a moment today to think about the Judas inside of you. I know I will. And then gaze at the cross, and dwell on the Christ who gave Himself up for you and me in spite of our sin. This Christ beat death with death, beat darkness with light, and beat evil with love. And as I reflect on the character of Judas today, He is the Christ who beat betrayal in me and you with forgiveness.


Happy Easter

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Jordan Taylor

Jordan Taylor says:

Graduation Makes Me Reflective

Welp, I’m almost a graduate. It’s weird to think about my freshman year and how far away that seems now, having no idea where to go next or what I was going to do in life. But stuff with my youtube channel Blimey Cow have been going well and I feel like I have some sort of direction. But still, the future is filled with the unknown, and I feel like, even in the midst of what seems like answers, I have more questions than ever. It’s just really cool to see how life can unfold in front of you in just 4 years, but it’s crazy how much life can change. It’s changed a lot for me, and sometimes I miss my freshman year as strange as that sounds. I feel like I’m on the right path though, but if I’m wrong and I wake up one day and it smacks me in the face that I’m not–that’s alright, my back up plan is to get a job at Whole Foods Hahaha
But seriously, Trevecca has been a really cool place for me to be while I’ve figured out where my life is headed. I’ve learned a lot here, especially about creative writing, and I hope to pursue that creative outlet still after I’ve graduated. The students here have been especially great and very supportive. I’ve met some friends I’ll keep in contact with for a long time.

Here’s a link to a really sweet video Trevecca made recently about the Trevecca experience. VERY well-made and really shows off the school and the atmosphere here. Check it out if you can.

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Jordan Taylor

Jordan Taylor says:

My Team’s Film from the 72 Hour Film Festival

I just thought I’d post our film from the 72 hour film festival. We put it up online not too long ago. We won the trophy for best use of Wild Cards! Basically, we had some things we were supposed to include in our film, so for instance, a monotone teacher and the words “I came in like a wrecking ball.” ANYWAY, I hope you enjoy!

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Christy Ulmet

Christy Ulmet says:



I think I speak for all of the TreveccaLive bloggers when I say this is the craziest time of the school year. Seniors are are more than ready to graduate. Juniors are getting excited for an easy senior year. Sophomores are dreading the upper level classes they’ll be taking next year. Freshmen are in for a surprise next year when the real work begins.

And to top it all off, we’ve got mile-high mountains of homework and projects and finals to think about.

Students drive all through the city, visiting nearly every coffee shop in Nashville (and that’s a lot) only to find out a) there are no parking spaces b) the wifi is turned off.

As I sit here on this sunny cool day thinking about the long break ahead, I’m actually kind of sad. Being at Trevecca makes me feel at home. When I’m at home with my family for the summer, I don’t really feel like it’s home. And I’m not sure why that is. I think there’s just a certain comfort that comes from being around the Trevecca community. During the summer, I can’t walk to the caf to get a bite to eat. I can’t go sit in the Hub at night when I’m bored. I can’t go watch a movie with my friends down the hall.

Summer in and of itself is wonderful because it’s a break from the buzz of school. But it is definitely a different environment. The day I move all my stuff out of my dorm and go home is the day I begin to look forward to coming back. Does that make me sound crazy? Oh well. And this time around, I don’t even get to look forward to coming back since I’ll be spending a semester away in Washington, D.C. in the fall. I could not be more excited for that, but I will definitely miss my Trevecca family.

College students and high school students: as the end of the year approaches, appreciate the time you have left and make the best of it. I know it’s hard. Lots of projects and papers tend to pile up towards the end, but you’ll get through it. Find a bench outside to sit on and work on homework. A change of scenery always helps. Grab a smoothie or a cup of coffee. It’ll be a nice break from all the work you have to do, and it’ll energize you to do it all.

Most of all, don’t lose your sanity. Because it’s pretty easy to do at this time of year. But summer is coming.

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Sydney Maxfield

Sydney Maxfield says:

A fresh perspective on this April day.

Okay, I have to admit something. I mean, what is life if it’s not being lived honestly? Yeah? Yeah.
So, this year has been hard for me. And sometimes I wonder if it’s been hard for you too. Life is just not a series of one happy event after another, but what makes it interesting, and sometimes difficult, is that it is full of surprises; road blocks, challenges, mountain-top experiences, and rock-bottom falls to the floor… It is currently 65 degrees and sunny (my favorite weather), and I am sitting on a bench overlooking our campus. At this moment, as the breeze rustles the trees and the smell of freshly cut grass lingers in the air, life seems better and I’m going to be okay. I’m gonna make it. And so are you. Though life may be topsy turvy and we may experience pain or heartache again soon, God has been reminding me that in all of that, there are still good and wonderful things in this world. There actually is a part of life- a very large part, I might add- that does not reflect me or my circumstances. There is a part of Creation that continues to flourish even when my insides seem to be withering. And for me, that is a really fantastic thing. Today, I will allow myself to enjoy those things instead of worrying about my personal life, the only life I’ve been noticing for quite some time. The world does not consist solely of me, my world, and my relationships. It is so much more, that I can allow myself to be overwhelmed with the possibility, hope, and life of all things- even when they do not affect me personally. Happy Spring, friends. New life is coming…

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Andy Lovell

Andy Lovell says:


If you ask me what my favorite part of Trevecca is, I’ll invariably tell you – “Nashville.” I grew up in this city and I’m abnormally content to stay here for a long while. When my  friends were deciding on colleges out of state and telling me how desperate they were to get away from here, I just couldn’t relate. There’s something about the spirit of this city – its attitude, vibe, and rhythm – that I’ve fallen in love with. Sure, it’s Music City, there’s a TV show about it, and apparently we have some tasty hot chicken, but I hardly care about any of that. What I am impressed by is how alive everyone is. I am impressed by the high level of concentrated creativity. I am impressed that Nashville is home to four notable universities, and a long list of community colleges (and a million hospitals). I love that people come here to pursue their dreams – whether that be music, education, or what have you.

You may be wondering if this is a blog about Nashville or about Trevecca – it’s about Trevecca. But I am convinced that you must talk about Nashville when you talk about Trevecca. Not just because “man, it’s such a cool city” or “oh wow, there’s so many coffee shops,” but because a Trevecca students lives, learns, and grows in a city with a rich culture of artists, thinkers, and dreamers. A Trevecca student isn’t only shaped and challenged within the classroom or even the campus, but also the city. As human beings, I believe we’re inevitable affected by where we live. But even practically speaking, our students do internships in the city, their involved in local outreach, they go to church here, and so on.

And of course I want to talk about the experience on campus, which brings me to my other favorite part – the English department. Trevecca’s English professors have been the most intelligent, wise, and genuine human beings I’ve had the pleasure of knowing (that’s not an embellishment – I mean that with total sincerity). They have challenged me intensely, but also provided hope and encouragement to tackle the hard, deep questions with excellent thinking skills. They have also shown me grace during the hardest season of my life thus far, allowing me to be human and meeting me where I am. On top of that, they provide education I’m proud of and confident in – education that I believe competes with some of the best out there.

The video below is a beautiful representation of everything I’ve described – a place to live and grow, a place of challenge and inspiration, in a city with a heart beat you can feel in your bones. Watch it and see what I mean.

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