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Molly Vinson

Molly Vinson says:

Inside Trevecca Day

As I have mentioned in a few of my previous blog posts, I work in the Admissions office on campus. Typically I just work during the week doing regular office work. But, three times throughout the school year we have what we call Inside Trevecca Day. Our last one for this school year was last Saturday. I love working Inside Trevecca Day because I get to meet tons of juniors and seniors and tell them all why I love Trevecca. I also get to walk through the day with them and guide them along as they meet with professors and get a campus tour. It is so fun to show them all that Trevecca has to offer! Here are some pictures from last Saturday!


Troy getting all of the ladies as usual





















The student panel answering all of your questions!



President Dr. Dan Boone talking about how he loves Trevecca and answering all your  questions!

Current student and prospective student taking a selfie with Jesus!

Current student and prospective student taking a selfie with Jesus!

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Michael Perrotti

Michael Perrotti says:

It’s time for another break

We haven’t been back to school for very long since spring break and we all are already anxiously awaiting our next break.  Easter break starts this Thursday night with all Friday and then the following Monday classes being cancelled.  It’s time to sit back,  relax,  and procrastinate again! It feels like we haven’t even gotten back into the feel of things yet. But what is more exciting is the fact that only a few weeks after we return from Easter break this spring semester will be over. Many preparing for next falls classes,  some preparing to graduate, and others preparing to start preparing.  These breaks that separate our semester are very nice and very much needed,  but do cause some problems when we can’t seem to get into a rhythm of classes and work. But, who needs to complain because it’s time for another break! And I’m definitely not going to complain about that.

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Joey Hutton

Joey Hutton says:

I’m a Big Kid Now

Not only have I been potty-trained for the better part of two decades, but I’ve been a critical thinking college student for almost four years now. My entire experience at Trevecca has definitely shaped me into a responsible adult, but this week will test my ability to not cry in public.

Tomorrow, I will go to my first ever job fair. It terrifies me and terrifies me. (But Joey, you said “terrifies”” twice) Yes, dear blog-reader. Hope I communicated that concept clearly. I will dress professionally, shake strangers’ hands, talk to people, and hand in resumes. It will all be for naught unless I get a job or find funnel cake. It is a fair after all.

Friday will also prove how adult-like I can be. TNU will be out for Easter break, but my fiancée and I will be apartment hunting here in Nashville. “View Halloo!” Since the wedding is in 82 days, we thought it’d be a good idea to be proactive and find a place to live. Hopefully we’ll narrow down our options by this time next week. Hooray for almost being married!

Those are the two biggest, big kid things that’ll need to be done this week. What do you gotta do? Let me know in the comments below.

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Ingrid Rekedal

Ingrid Rekedal says:

Auditions, Auditions, Auditions

This past week has probably been my busiest week at Trevecca thus far. I am discovering that all of Spring Semester seems busier than Fall Semester, but this week trumps all others. Reason? It was the week of auditions in the music department. Each spring, the vocal music directors hold auditions for the choirs for the following year. You can audition for Vocal Edge, Madrigalians, or both. (There is also Gospel Choir but you don’t have to audition for that one.) I auditioned for Madrigalians this week. The initial audition consisted of an interview with the choir’s director, Dr. Timothy Cierpke, singing scales, pitch matching, and sight-reading. Those who passed this round of auditions moved on to Blending. I passed! In Blending, which is happening tomorrow, all the auditionees sing for the current Madrigalians in quartets. The goal is to see whose voices blend well, or sound good together. After Blending, the current Madrigalians and Dr. Cierpke decide together who will join the choir next year. I did not audition for Vocal Edge but it is the same process. It has made for a busy week filled with anticipation, but I’m so glad for the opportunity. I hope for success in Blending tomorrow, but no matter what is has been a fun experience!!

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Jeremiah Wright

Jeremiah Wright says:

It’s the weekend

This week has been one of th most stressful weeks for me! But it’s all good. I’ve been getting up every morning at 5:30am for workouts with the soccer team! But it’s all good. I had two exams this week that I had to stay up really late for and I’m not sure I did to well on them. But it’s all good. I was supposed to register for classes next fall but I forgot to because I was so busy and I also missed my counseling appointment on Friday. But it’s all good… Cause it’s the weekend!IMG_1915

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Diana Corzine

Diana Corzine says:

Fish Prank Gone Wrong

With April 1st right around the corner my roommate, Brittany, and I were feeling a bit devious last night. We came up with the big idea (inspired by a post on pinterest) to convert our suite mate’s sink into a miniature version of my fish tank as a surprise for Taylor and Ingrid. This is what it was supposed to look like:

In honor of the biggest troll holiday of the year, we've selected 50 of the most epic pranks, large and small.

Little did we know that the drain stopper in the pinterest picture is much more effective than the drain stopper in our dorms… But we set up the sink, left for an intramural volleyball game and came back later to find out that when our suite mate, Ingrid, got back to the dorm our fish were sitting in an empty sink!

I’d like to add at this point that there was no intention of putting the fish in danger by pulling this prank! But that is in fact what happened…

There is a happy ending though! After enlisting some helpers, Ingrid got little Will and Way back into their real tank and now both of them are doing fine! If you’re interested, you can see the whole story in the video below.

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Molly Vinson

Molly Vinson says:

Hammock Season

You know it’s spring when you walk around campus and all you see are hammocks aka ENOs. I’m telling you I walked across campus this Saturday and I ran out of fingers to count all the hammocks! Now I myself don’t hammock. I did once when I was younger and my friends little brother came up and flipped it and I fell out… so I have some bad memories. Because Trevecca is an arboretum, we have over 80 species of trees that you can hammock between. I’ve even seen some students hammock under the bell tower! It’s very clear that everyone is quite happy with this warm weather, I know I am. Happy Spring and Hammock Season!

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Ingrid Rekedal

Ingrid Rekedal says:

The Limbo State

Everyone talks about how fast college goes by and tells you to hold on to every moment of it. Let me tell you, I’m only a Freshman and I already know that it is SO TRUE. I think the reason it feels so fast is because so much happens. I feel like four years worth of learning has been packed into two semesters and they aren’t over yet! Not just academically, but socially, emotionally, spiritually, just everything.


Here’s the biggest thing I’ve discovered thus far: college is the ultimate Limbo State…well I guess I shouldn’t say ‘ultimate’ – I don’t know what else life has in store for me – but compared to the other 18 years of my life this classifies as ultimate. The Limbo State is one of the biggest reasons college is so much fun, but it is also one of the biggest challenges. It’s the Limbo State because being a kid and being an adult are both fair game. At any moment of my day I can ask myself, “Do I want to make the wise, grown-up decision here? Or do I just want to goof off and be a kid for a little while.”


Being a Kid

1-I’m going to go play ultimate Frisbee.


2-I’m going to rock out to loud music in my dorm because I can!!!


3-I’d just like to watch Frozen right now.

4-My suitemates and I are pulling an all-nighter to have a movie marathon!

5-I’m going to ignore that email to talk to financial aid, it scares me.

6-I really don’t want to confront that friend who is mad at me.

7-I’m eating ice cream at every meal today!!

8-I just want to sleep!!!

Being an Adult1-I’m going to begin writing that paper that is due in two days.

2-I’m going to rock out to music within the volume range of my room so I don’t annoy my suitemates.

3-I’m going to go to sleep.

4-I’m going to go to bed at a reasonable hour.

5-I’m going to talk to financial aid now and get it over with!

6-I need to talk to that friend so we can reconcile.

7-I’ve already had ice cream once today, I should probably hold off.

8-At this point I need to study for my test tomorrow at least a little before I sleep.


Notice how more than one of those was basically the question, “to sleep or not to sleep?” Yeah, you’ll find that happens a lot in college.


I am a type-A personality and when I got to college I was really excited to be on my own and taking control of my own life. I found that I was pretty good at choosing the adult decision most of the time, but I started noticing that lots of people weren’t anywhere near getting out of kid mode. Was I getting ahead of myself, I wondered? Were they just way behind? How do I interact with someone when they want to be a kid and I want to be an adult? I think I’m beginning to find the answer: Both are great! Yes, college is the time for becoming an adult and when you are on your own you have to own up to your own mistakes and make sure you stay on top of things. But, don’t get ahead of yourself! After college you will never again have the chance to be a kid, so enjoy the comparative lack of responsibility. Choose times to stay up late and do crazy things with your friends. Some of my best memories from this year so far come from times when I decided to let go of my adult mentality and enjoy being a kid. Then again, some of my deepest friendships have become established through more serious conversations. The point is you have to be balanced.


Confession: I’m really bad at being balanced; I have a tendency to go into adult mode a lot. But I am learning to choose moments to loosen up and be a kid for a while. The Limbo State creates some tension, but learn to accept it and enjoy the ability to decide when to take on responsibility and when to leave it be, we won’t always have that choice.

Here’s to 3 more years of Limbo State!


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