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Maureen Maltez

Maureen Maltez says:

Taste the Nations!

One thing I have always like about Trevecca is that there is no time for exclusion or racism.

As a latina student I have been blessed at Trevecca. I have always been treated like normal and never experienced any kind of racism. Believe me, I have been a victim of such thing before.

We are a multicultural university that little by little is accomplishing great things. Yesterday I was part of an event called Taste the Nations organized by Dr. Roy Phillips and students from the Namaste group, which is a group of students and professors on campus that were born in a different country and some that enjoy just being around international students.

This event was such a great time to learn about other cultures and the different ways they all “do life” in their own countries. We sang in different languages and I was just refreshed by the thought that we praise a GLOBAL GOD! A God that doesn’t need google translate to understand, and does not require any explanations about my culture to understand me. He is perfect!

Here are some pictures of the event!

Enjoy! IMG_1956 IMG_1957 IMG_1962 IMG_1959

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Ingrid Rekedal

Ingrid Rekedal says:

I Miss Kindergarten

Today was my last day doing educational observations at Hull Jackson Montisory Elementary School. At Trevecca, hopeful education majors begin getting field experience in their very first class! As apart of my class Foundations in Education, I was required to spend 30 hours in a classroom, observing the teacher and students. This requirement is really helpful for people who are not sure if they want to teach because it lets them see what it will really be like before they have to make a serious decision about completing the major. I was assigned to Ms.Hull, the music and theatre teacher at Hull Jackson. She teaches Kindergarten through Fourth graders. I had such a blast getting to know the kids and learning from Ms. Hull about everything from classroom management, to lesson planning, to preparing for a substitute. The experience confirmed my love for the arts and teaching young people. I sat in on recorder classes, music theory lessons, and choir rehearsal. What I loved most of all was rehearsals for the Kindergarten play. All 80 Kindergarteners at Hull Jackson participate in this play and each one has a line or a singing solo. They sure are a handful; but what cute kids! They listen well (some of the time) and are super keen and intelligent (almost all of the time). Today I finished my 30th hour and said goodbye to Hull Jackson. I left part of my heart there. Thank you Ms. Hull and all the kids for teaching me a little more about how to teach and the amazing impact that can be made through a positive learning environment. I am going to miss observing, but I’m so excited for more years spent preparing to be a teacher!!

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Jeremiah Wright

Jeremiah Wright says:

Student Appreciation Day

Today is student appreciation day in the Cafeteria at Trevecca! At least I think it’s just in the caf… It’s like a big celebration where the students are “Celebrated” for something, I’m not sure yet. Just kidding, its in honor of the end of the semester and for students transitioning into finals week.  But the food is the reason I am making this blog post. There is a ton of fruit! It’s like we’re on a tropical Island. There is an actual pig in here to feast on, literally. And the dessert is something that has to don with pineapples!!

When each student walks in to scan their ID, they receive a ticket that goes into a drawing to win prizes! really awesome prizes.

Like Starbucks Coffee Gift Cards, Walmart Gift Cards, Gamestop Gift Cards, and even McDonalds Gift cards!

Maybe they’ll give out free tuition!






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Ingrid Rekedal

Ingrid Rekedal says:

…15 Hours Later

Theatre at Trevecca is a BLAST to be apart of!! But it is a lot of work too.

This Thursday we open our last play of the season: The Playboy of the Western World. It is a comedy set in 1907 Ireland and tells the story of Christy Mahon who enters County Mayo as a stranger. He becomes an immediate hero and celebrity when the town hears tails of his bravery, but they quickly turn against him when they find out who he really is from an unlikely source… Come see the show to find out the rest!

This week is Tech Week, which means we are adding lights, sound, costumes, and props to the acting and most of all THE SET! At Trevecca, all the actors help build the set. This past Saturday was our last set construction day and it was a big one. We built the set in the scene shop, painted it, brought it up to the auditorium, assembled it, painted some more, kept assembling, kept painting, touched things up, did I mention painting? and dressed the set with all the props. And in the middle of that another cast member taught me how to Irish Step Dance for the prologue. Whew!

In all, we spent almost 15 hours working on the show (8:30am-11pm). Needless to say, I fell into bed on Saturday night. But, the set is done and it looks great! Three more days and we will have an audience. I can’t wait!!


The nearly-finished set.

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Michael Perrotti

Michael Perrotti says:

The Unlikely

“Be patient and God will open the door. One closed door leads to another opened one.”

Since coming to college at Trevecca, God has opened many doors for me. At the beginning of this semester I was given the opportunity to join an NPWI for their weekly band challenge not knowing what it would lead to. Since then I’ve played with the band multiple times, we’ve recorded at Watershed Studios, and we’ve came together as a band purchasing our domain to start to get our name out there. If you go to our band website, you will stumble upon these following words;  “The diverse worship band “The Unlikely” brings a new, fresh sound to their passion for making Christ known. With six very different backgrounds, everything from black gospel to country, this unlikely group has a sound that is completely unique to them. Their fearlessness in song choice and arrangement makes worship exciting, passionate, and creative, just like the God they serve. These six passionate and gifted young people met at the National Praise & Worship Institute in Nashville, TN, where they have grown as musicians and as a band. Their sound, arrangements, diverse background, and calling on each of their lives is what makes The Unlikely one of the most promising worship bands to hit the scene.” This past week we have filmed our first live recording, had a photo-shoot with an amazing photographer, Linsey Cravens, and finished putting all of the framework of our band and website together. I am excited to see where the good Lord takes us, as it has all been a great learning experience already.

If you are interested in checking out our band visit our website at,

11144761_10205004688531675_1230304744_o (1)11132055_10205004703892059_1361369793_o

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Joey Hutton

Joey Hutton says:

Smurfs with Green Hair

TNT was this past weekend… and we survived.

I was recruited to work in the notorious tent with other caf workers Friday night. I was prepared for the worst. Then I was assigned to work the snow cone machine. Oh no! What horrors would wait for me? Surprisingly, it was a lot of fun!

I worked with terrific students while serving those who participated in TNT. Sure, I got all gooey from the colorful syrups of the frozen desserts and tried conversing with awkward tweens, but hey, it was more fun than I could’ve imagined.

With crushed ice ready, I would ask the next guest in line what flavor they wanted for their snow cone. Blue-raspberry was the most popular followed by cherry, and lime. A total of two people asked for orange…go figure. As the evening went on, I got creative with my repartee as I would hand the snow cone to the guest.


If they’d ask for a mix of blue and cherry, I’d hand it to them and say, “Here’s your Pepsi logo!” If it’d be a mix of lime and cherry, I’d say, “Yum! Christmas colors!” or “Pretend you’re eating a lightsaber battle.” My favorite would be the mix of blue and lime. I’d hand the cone over with a dorkish grin and say, “Look at that! A Smurf with green hair!” Most kids just looked at me blankly, thanked me for the snow cone, and walked away confused. And when I say most, I mean every single one.

I now realize my mistake. It’s not a Smurf with green hair. It’s the Grinch after getting hit with a snowball. A blue snowball…?

Let me know if you come up with anything better than that. I need new material.

The point is, Mary Poppins was right when she said, “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun and SNAP the job’s a game.” I didn’t really want to work in the tent that night, but I did my best to have a good attitude. And SNAP I found the game within the job. I’ve approached many projects with a sour attitude and guess what, it ended sourly. I’d rather have a positive attitude to have a positive experience.

A week ago, I was dreading the approaching storm labeled TNT. Though I’m glad it’s over now, I will always remember the three hours I handed out Smurfs with green hair to the kids of TNT.

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Diana Corzine

Diana Corzine says:

Spring @ Trevecca

When I walked out of my dorm this morning I was immediately reminded that spring was here… And my day couldn’t have started any brighter (Pun intended)!

At Trevecca, spring means a lot of things. It means TNT, weekend hiking trips, and [we joke about it, but seriously] engagement season (Ring by Spring!). It means softball, baseball, and track. It means boys in flip flops, hammocks, and the approach of finals that we all ignore. It means graduation, time to plan for summer vacation, and lazy days “doing homework” in the sun. Today, for me, it meant beautiful weather and scenery that I so desperately wanted to share with everyone that I pulled out my cousin’s camera and started trekking across campus pointing and shooting along the way. I mean, I attempted to capture the day the way I saw it, but I’m just gonna warn you now that

1) I am not a photographer, I just happen to room with someone who has a nice camera and

2) these pictures just don’t do the day justice.

But keep that in mind, and hopefully you can still enjoy a few snapshots of Spring @ Trevecca!IMG_5962 IMG_5964 IMG_5969 IMG_5970 IMG_5973 IMG_5975 IMG_5985 IMG_6006IMG_6017

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Maureen Maltez

Maureen Maltez says:

Running a Non-Profit..

One of the greatest blessings in life is helping others and giving yourself away for others. In 2012 my aunt and had visited the mobile home community in Franklin,TN and felt heavy hearted to see many girls playing on the streets, some flirting with guys older than them, some leaving their houses very late and walking at the park with their siblings waiting for mom or dad to get home from work. We left with a heavy heart. We understood that God had given us talents and we needed to do something about it. So, we started a girl club, called The MADE club, which is an acronym for: Masterpiece, Awesome, Divine Creation, Embraced in His Arms.

We started meeting in one of the mobile homes but God started blessing us with more girls. In 2012 we started with 5 girls, in 20130-2014 we had about 15-20 girls come regularly and in 2015 we have around 25 girls coming every other friday. Now, we gather in the community’s clubhouse place where we can decorate and have events at no cost as we have find grace with the manager.

At the MADE club we have girls ages 5-16 all from Hispanic descent, this makes it amazing and most from a different backgrounds. We focus in GOD-JESUS AND THE HOLY SPIRIT, We only teach the Word from the Bible no other. We remind families that our goal is not to convince them to become Protestant, Catholic, or any other because God has given us a major goal and that is to LOVE them and Tell them about who He is through the Bible. We our succesful and anual events are: Fashion Night, Movie Night, Candy Land Party, Day Out, and more. On these events we have volunteers that spend time with the girls and learn about our ministry and regular donate time, snacks, and stuff to us.

Doing this reminds me that Jesus gave it all for people that he knew and didn’t. The MADE club girls make my days happier, my weekends more exciting and most important they make God smile.

Here are some pictures of the girls yesterday :)


Girlclub IMG_1536


For more info. (Who are we tab)

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